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Michael Fitchett: Code Meets Creativity

Where coding acumen meets design savvy, you'll find me — Michael, crafting user experiences that sing and software solutions that dance. At the nexus of development and design, I create not just with my keyboard but with heart and vision.

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👋 Hey there! I'm Michael.

I'm the tech enthusiast and creative spirit behind UserBin LLC. Tucked away in Mission Viejo, CA, I've been turning caffeine and code into user-friendly digital solutions that don't just function—they delight.

Crafting Digital Joyrides

Leading the charge at SignNow, I didn't just manage; I cultivated a playground of innovation where we played as hard as we worked, translating teamwork into customer smiles with every feature we launched.

UserBin LLC is my digital canvas, painting success stories for clients like Taos (an IBM Company), Metallic (a Commvault Venture), and even dabbling in the future-forward world of Stellus (a Samsung Venture). My stint at Stellus? Let's call it a tech-flavored adventure—intense, rewarding, and chock-full of growth.

A Dash of Code, A Pinch of Pixel

My recipe for software? Start with a base of robust coding, fold in user-centric design, and finish with a garnish of problem-solving panache. The result? A feast for the eyes and a treat for the fingertips.

Wanna Chat? Let's Make Waves!

Got a digital dream? I'm all in for making it a reality. Need a tech wizard? I've got my wand at the ready. So, what's the techy topic of the day?

Experience ->

UserBin LLC

Mar 2019 - Present | Mission Viejo, California
  • Solo-preneur delivering top-tier web, mobile, and software solutions to clients far and wide.
  • A one-man army turning caffeine-fueled nights into high-performance, stunning websites.
  • Pioneered custom, user-centric solutions for names like IBM, Commvault, and Samsung, taking their digital experiences to new heights.


Director, Software Engineering
Oct 2017 - June 2019 | Orange County, California
  • Managed software engineering teams to align SignNow with customer needs, ensuring the future of our e-signature platform.
  • Optimized our development workflow and implemented a streamlined SCRUM agile methodology, resolving communication issues and time constraints to enhance SignNow's product quality.
  • Collaborated with Sales to drive new business growth and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs by internalizing third-party services, lowering overhead expenses.
  • Boosted SignNow's revenue by expanding the Integrations team, offering custom development services, resulting in increased deal closures each month.

Barracuda Networks

Senior Software Developer & Integration Guru
Mar 2017 - Oct 2017 | Newport Beach, California
  • Developed NetSuite integration, enabling users to create, review, track, and send documents for e-signature directly within NetSuite.
  • Built Zapier integration, providing users with the capability to connect our app with various other apps such as InfusionSoft, Podio, Zoho, Salesforce, and more.
  • Created an Office 365 Word integration, allowing users to easily create or add fields to existing documents within Microsoft Word.
  • Designed a Windows Printer Driver in .NET C#, allowing users to print documents directly to their SignNow account and send them out for invites.
  • Implemented a Windows Context Menu in .NET C#, enabling users to upload and invite for any supported document by simply right-clicking it and sending it to SignNow.
  • Built a Mac OS X app/extension in Swift, enabling users to conveniently access their documents and send any supported file type to SignNow.
  • Integrated with SharePoint, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Egnyte, and other SaaS-based solutions.
  • Served as the Lead for the Integrations Team of three members.

SpotSync LLC

CEO & Chief Innovator
Mar 2013 - Dec 2016
  • Founded Spotsync.
  • Designed and developed Checkout, a Point of Sale SaaS solution, utilizing Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, Node WebKit, and various HTML5 technologies.
  • Set up and maintained Ubuntu servers on Rackspace Cloud for both development and production environments. Utilized Grunt to automate deployments.
  • Designed and developed the marketing website.
  • Integrated with various technologies and APIs including Facebook, Yelp, Stripe, Socket.io (web sockets), WebSQL, IndexedDB, SendGrid, and Phaxio.


Senior UI/UX / Web Developer
Dec 2010 - Feb 2013
  • Redesigned and implemented a new UI/UX for the flagship SaaS "REO".
  • Revamped the UI/UX and implemented changes for the SaaS "Agent".
  • Maintained the front-end for all of their SaaS solutions.


Dec 2006 - Dec 2010
  • Redesigned and maintain the corporate website.
  • Managed and set up audio/visual (A/V) for large conventions and events.
  • Produced videos for marketing, training, and sales purposes.
  • Set up and managed 7+ servers in-house and on Terramark Cloud.
  • Developed a custom event management application using Adobe Flex and ActionScript


Independent Contractor & Digital Artisan
Nov 2004 - Nov 2007
  • Launched a solo venture to serve up a cocktail of digital media, graphic design, and software development with a twist of creative flair. This was back in the Adobe Flash days, I miss Flash.


Dec 1999 - Dec 2006
  • Redesigned, developed and maintained the corporate website for COMCASH, DrBillings and Liquor Monitor.
  • Provided online solutions for the support staff, accelerating troubleshooting time.
  • Developed online applications to streamline the sales process by automating tasks.
  • Conducted research, updates, and management of SEO and PPC campaigns, resulting in increased website traffic.

Skills ->

I'm not just a developer or designer; I'm a digital craftsman with a toolbelt that's bursting at the seams. Here's the arsenal I bring to the digital construction site:


  • Web Development - Building the web, one line of code at a time.
  • Digital Marketing - Spreading the digital word like wildfire.
  • Server Management - Keeping the digital engine room running smooth.
  • UI/UX Design - Crafting digital spaces where users love to linger.
  • Integration Solutions - Connecting digital dots for seamless experiences.
  • Media Services - Telling stories through pixels and sound waves.
  • Creative Design - Painting the canvas of the web with every shade of innovation.


  • JavaScript/NodeJS/Express - The trifecta of web wizardry.
  • MongoDB - Sifting and sorting data like a pro.
  • Svelte/Vue/Angular - Spinning the web with the latest frameworks.
  • .NET C#: - Architecting software with Microsoft's might.
  • C/C++ - Coding closer to the metal for when performance is paramount.
  • CSS/HTML/XML - Speaking the browsers' native tongues.
  • SOAP/RESTful: - Whispering to APIs and getting them to whisper back.
  • Swift - Making Apple devices do delightful dances.
  • SQL - Querying databases like a seasoned librarian.


  • VSCode & Visual Studio - My code-slinging sidearms.
  • Adobe Xd - Sketching UX journeys with digital precision.
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro)
  • PreSonus StudioOne - Where I compose the symphonies of sound.
  • Blender - Where 3D creations come to life, from modeling to animation — my virtual playground for visual storytelling.

Contact ->

Tell me about your project's aspirations or toss any queries my way. Just drop your details into the form, and I'll be in touch before you know it.

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Ready to get started or need more information? Reach out to me or schedule a consultation to discuss your project in detail.