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Grid: Dynamic Data Grids Powered by Spreadsheet Logic

Embed the intelligence of spreadsheet formulas into your website with Grid. This tool empowers you to create interactive HTML data grids that bring the adaptability and calculation power of spreadsheets directly to your web pages.

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Grid is not just a tool; it's a bridge between static data presentation and interactive analysis. It allows you to craft data grids for your website that are as smart as any spreadsheet, giving users the ability to sort, filter, and calculate directly within their browser. Enhance your website with a powerful data component that's both easy to integrate and use.

Embeddable Grid Tool

Turn Data into Experience

Grid elevates your site's data display into an engaging, hands-on experience, as simple or complex as your users need it to be.

Seamless Website Integration

With Grid, adding a robust data grid to your site is as easy as embedding a video, transforming your data presentation with zero hassle.

Formula-Driven Insights

Go beyond static tables; let your users interact with data using familiar spreadsheet formulas to uncover insights directly on your web pages.

Instant Data Interaction

Allow instant sorting, filtering, and computation without any page reloads, keeping your audience engaged with fast, responsive data manipulation.

Customizable and Stylish

Match Grid to your site's look and feel with customizable styles that blend in naturally with your existing design aesthetic.

Easy to Update and Maintain

Keep your data fresh with a system that's straightforward to update and maintain, requiring minimal technical overhead.

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