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Tabby: Your Personal Productivity AI Partner

Crafted with the magic of LLM technologies that run on your device not in cloud, Userbin Tabby is more than just a tool; it's your personal productivity partner!

No subscriptions💰, runs offline📵, private and secure🛡️.
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Overview ->

An AI application that runs on your desktop, designed to boost your productivity using Large Language Models (LLMs), leveraging its power, especially if you have an NVIDIA video card with 8GB or more of VRAM. Create as many chat and page tabs as you need; save them as files for easy recall when you're ready to continue! Exciting times ahead: Alpha version is coming soon. If you're interested in trying it out, please email [email protected]

Tabby in progress

Behold, it's Tabby in infant form. Follow Userbin on X for news and updates on Tabby.

Canvas Design Tool

Dark Mode

Detects and adjust the interface between light and dark modes based on your system settings.

Requirements ->

Windows with minimum of 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 8GB of VRAM recommended. Linux and possibly Apple Silicon Mac support coming soon.

Status ->

Userbin Tabby is in its infiant stages, closed alpha to be exact, so expect a bit of a wild ride! It's not fully decked out with features yet, and yes, there are bugs. In the midst of testing it across different hardware setups. If you're interested in trying it out, please email [email protected]

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